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    Shaking her head from side to side, burying her face into her stretched biceps, trying with all the will power she could muster to cope with the terrible tickling sensations on the soles of her feet. "Stop! Stop it! It tickles!" The two girls kept tickling while Karen went on with her history lesson. "Yup, they would just tickle their feet, very slowly and very lightly, just like this, all over . . . " Karen slowly glided her fingertips across Julie's right sole, around the outer edge of her foot, and began to gently stroke the top of her foot, from the tops ...

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I never tried to touch her feet or tickle them. I didn't want to make her aware of my intentions until I had a chance to get her good. Instead, I tried to find out if she was ticklish through questions. I couldn't believe what a conniving bitch I married. The worst part was the fact that I didn't know anything until she brought me on the Maury Show to reveal the secret that she had cheated on me and our two year old daughter might not be mine. What a slut. I was so pissed. In the end, my daughter ...

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